Shenzhen has been the earliest city of the five special economic zones in China since the reform and 0pennining –up policy was carried out .Nowadays it has become an international city with great reputation. With its vigor of youth, Shenzhen has developed at an incredible speed which surprises tourists who come here. The modern convenience of transport in Shenzhen makes it possible for people coming here to travel around various tourist attractions all around the city from the modern Window of the World to Chinese Folk Culture Villages, from Hongfa Buddhist Temple to the r romantic Dameisha Promenade and Xiaomeisha Beach.

Window to the World
If you long for a travel about different cultures all over the world, the Window to the World is the best place you can visit. Located in the western part of Shenzhen, this theme park aim to spread the global culture, integrating the world’s wonders, historical relics, sight-seeing and scenery alongside folk customs and performances in one place .Shenzhen Window to the world can be mainly divided into eight scenic areas: the world square, the Area of Africa, the Sculpture Park and International Street. Let yourself enjoy the exotic shows and performance from both domestic and foreign performers!

Splendid China
You can visit Splendid China if you are very interested in Chinese culture. It is a lively rich, and comprehensive miniature scenery park which vividly the history, culture, ancient architecture and the art and folk customs of ethnic groups in China. Here you can enjoy many unique attractions, such as the magnificent Terracotta Warriors, Leshan Buddha statue ,the graceful beauty of the three Gorges of the Yangtze River and so on.

Lotus Hill
Located on the northern part of downtown Shenzhen, Lotus Hill is always enjoyed by travelers who want to have the mountaineering without the usual feeling of fatigue and have the regalview of the modern architecture below.

Wutong Mountain National Park
Located on eastern part of Shenzhen, Wutong Mountain is the highest one in Shenzhen. On the top of the mountain ,you can gaze over Hong Kong and enjoy splendid sea and landscapes;At the foot of the hill, you can pray with lovers in front of the lover trees for everlasting love.

Happy Valley
As a product of modern high technology, Shenzhen Happy Valley , one of the best theme park in China, contains nine major subjects areas, including “Spanish square”, “Magic Castle’’, “ Mt.Adventure”, “ Sunshine Beach” and so on. The Old Gold Mine can take you back in time to the wild gold rush times while the Space Shot can launch you up to 60 meters in the air before bringing you suddenly back down to earth

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden
It is a famous scenic spot combing tourism, scientific research and the endeavor of cultivating and spreading in an interest in science. The whole garden consists of six different scenic spot, including Earthly Paradise, Lake Spot, and Forest Fossil and so on. you will marvel at the beautiful natural scenery, the unique botanical garden design ,and the mystery of botanic kingdom.

Zhongying Street
Standing in Zhongying street , you get the feeling that you are standing at the intersection between Chinese and Western Cultures. As a shopping paradise in the past, it is now take on even more of your appeal. Tourists need special permits to get to Zhongying Street. Please contact a tourist agency to obtain your permit.

Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Beach Parks
These two park are decent places for you to enjoy green mountains , blue sea and golden sand beaches. Dameisha is a public place for free while Xiaomeisha requires a 20-yuan entrance fee. You can go to an aquarium zoo called Shenzhen Sea World in Xiaomeisha , which will surprise you with various aquatic antics.

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