Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is located in Bao’an, about 20 miles from the urban area on the east bank of the estuary of Zhujiang River. Now, it offers more than 110 domestic services and 14 international services that connect Shenzhen to over 100 domestic and international cities and regions, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Harbin, Wuhan, and Xian in China, and foreign regions such as Bangkok, Sydney, and Singapore. For plane travelers, you can fly directly into Shenzhen International Airport . The airport is also available 1hour by bus and 30 minutes by car from Futian, the central district of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen has Shenzhen Railway Station, Shenzhen North Railway Station, Shenzhen West Railway Station and Shenzhen East Railway Station. Shenzhen has long-distance passenger trains directly to Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Fuzhou, Guilin, Jiujiang, Wuchang, Yueyang, Zhengzhou, Changde, Xi'an, Shenyang and other cities. However, there is no direct train to Hong Kong. The railway stations are Shenzhen Railway Station located at Shekou and Shenzhen Railway Station at Louhu. Most trains arrive and depart via the Louhu Station.

On December 2004, the first-stage project of the Shenzhen Metro was opened to traffic; on June 2011, the five lines of the second-stage construction were fully opened. Shenzhen Metro has opened Luobao Line (the original Line 1), Shekou Line (the original Line 2), Longgang Line (the original Line 3), Longhua line (the original Line 4), Huanzhong Line (the original Line 5).The subway network in Shenzhen consists of five lines, which are available from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm every day (during holidays such as the Spring Festival holiday, the May Day holiday, the National Day holiday and New Year’s Day holiday, service may go to midnight).

Shenzhen bus lines shuttle throughout the whole city. The hours of operation are generally 6:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.. The ordinary fare ranges from 1 yuan to 7 yuan per passenger; and the air-conditioned car fare ranges from 2 yuan to 10 yuan per person. Most of the buses are pay-to-the-driver buses; and another part of buses are required sectional fares. Shenzhen's night public buses service till 2:00 a.m., whose line names begin with the letter "N". Shenzhen also has tourist buses and intercity buses.

The motorcycle type of Shenzhen's taxi is manily Santana 2000 or Zastava, or Passat. The car body has three colors including red, yellow and green. The green taxi can only run outside of the special administrative region. Taxis in Shenzhen, which are red, yellow or green, are plentiful on the streets. Green taxis are only available in the Special Economic Zone (Baoan District and Longgang District are not included in the zone). Some taxi drivers are rated as star-level drivers because of their good knowledge and English speaking skills.

Shenzhen Taxi Fees:

Shenzhen Taxi Driving Range Starting Price Starting Mileage Price Beyond
Starting Mileage
Charge For Waiting Night Starting Price
(11:00 p.m.-6:00a.m.)
Red Tax All Shenzhen 10yuan(bunker adjustment
2 km 0.6yuan/
250 meters
Battery Power Taxi All Shenzhen 10 yuan 2 km 0.6yuan/
250 meters
Green Taxi Bao'an District, Longgang District 6yuan(bunker adjustment factor2yuan) 1.5 km 2.4 yuan

Shenzhen Ports
There are 8 ports in Shenzhen like Yantian Port, Shekou Port and Chiwan Port. Among them, Shekou Port and Fuyong Port are the most popular passenger transport ferry terminals. Passengers can take a ferry from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport, Kowloon, Macau and Zhuhai

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